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todayDecember 7, 2020

Marketing Strategy Tarun Gehani

Want to Keep Your Customers Engaged on Your Website? Here’s How

One of the fundamental principles of running a successful business is to maintain customer satisfaction. Once you achieve that, it becomes easier to increase your profit streams as they find it easier to purchase from you. Customer satisfaction comes in many forms. Ideally, maintaining a high quality of product and [...]

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Kartra Review – One of The Best All-in-One Powerful Marketing Platforms

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In this Kartra review, you’re going to learn how you can use all the ways that you can use this platform to grow and manage your business.

I’m going to do a full breakdown of all the features so you understand in full details what you can achieve with them.

You will see how you can use Kartra to generate leads, grow sales, host your online courses, provide customer support and more.

Besides this, I’m also going to look at the support that they offer to their customers.

As well as I’m going to do a full breakdown of their pricing so you know how much it will cost you to use the platform. 


Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to generate leads and to convert them into customers.

And as such it has some really powerful features that makes it stand out from its competition.

With the help of Kartra, you can create landing pages, sales funnels, checkouts, send marketing automation campaigns, create membership websites and more.

You can even manage your own calendar and provide great customer support.

So without further ado, let’s look at the features Kartra has to offer so you can better understand how you can use it to grow your business.

Kartra Checkouts – Kartra Checkouts provides you with everything you need to sell your products and services online.

We know that on average a typical website has a cart abandonment rate between 60-80%.

That’s why Kartra has worked extremely hard to create checkout pages that are optimized to maximize your profits.

So they can make the most of every sale, boost your revenue and drive repeat sales.

Kartra gives you gorgeous checkout pages that makes it easy for customers to complete their orders and it helps you get more revenue.

But Kartra doesn’t stop here.

In order to help you maximize your revenue, they also give you powerful features for setting up order bumps, upsells and cross sells.

For example: with this you can easily set up an order bump that your customers can get with one-click. And that way you can easily increase your average order value (AOV).

Another way to increase your revenue by offering an upsell after the purchase is complete.

Which is something that is very easy to setup with Kartra and customers can buy the upsell with just one click.

Kartra is also very flexible when it comes to payment options and pricing configurations.

Customers can pay either with PayPal or credit card and you set it up as a one-time payment, recurring payment or finite installments.

With this option you can also setup a free trial or paid trial and you can decide on the period (14-day free trial or 30-day free trial).

Besides this, you can also setup coupons and special promotions to help you close more deals.

What’s also really cool about Kartra is that it allows you to do cart abandonment tagging.

That way you can add a tag for everyone who adds to cart but didn’t finish their order.

And then this tag can trigger an automation that helps you convert them into customers.

Leads – Kartra Leads helps you track and manage all of the information that you collect about your prospects, customers, affiliates, etc.

So here you can see information about your leads such as:

  • newsletters or automated sequences they have subscribed to 
  • products they have purchased from you and their lifetime dollar-value 
  • any open support tickets 
  • emails they have received in the past and if they opened and clicked on the link
  • if they are members of any of your memberships 
  • any booked any appointments in your calendar

With Kartra Leads you can track the customer journey of your leads and understand better what it took to convert them.

You will be able to see everything from which page they visited first, which video they watched second, which product they ordered third and so on.

Beside this, Kartra gives you advanced lead tagging and scoring system that allows you to better organize and prioritize your leads.

With Lead tagging you can apply a label to better categorize your leads into sub-groups – such as: prospects, customers, VIPs, cold leads, etc.

And later on, based on the tag that you apply, you can trigger a Kartra automation to convert this sub-group with highly relevant marketing messaging and offers.

You can also use Lead scoring to add grant points for each action your leads take and then use this score to better qualify them.

For example: you can give them 5 points when they purchase a product, 2 points when they add-to-cart, etc.

Later on, you can set up Kartra automation to be sent only to your leads with a specific lead score.

Pages – Kartra Pages allows you to create stunning, high-converting landing pages with ease in no time.

The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to create your pages the way you want to allowing you to customize everything.

Without the need to write a single piece of code.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, Kartra gives you over 500 ready-to-use templates that you can pick to create your pages within minutes.

This includes lead capture pages, sales pages, checkout pages, video pages, coming soon pages, webinar pages, blog pages, etc.

And all of these templates have been created by Kartra’s world-class marketing team with the idea to help you convert more people into leads and customers.

But the Kartra team doesn’t stop here.

They have also added all the cool features that you need to increase your conversion rates.

Things like dynamic countdown timers, dynamic backgrounds, parallax scrolling, pop ups and forms.

Beyond this, they also have one thing that one thing that puts them way ahead of their competition.

This is something that they call Behavior adaptive marketing.

With this you can change the content of your pages based on information that you have about your visitors.

And this content personalization can really help boost conversation rates and sales.

Mail – Kartra Mail allows you to send highly personalized and relevant emails to your list.

And all emails are being sent automatically based on user actions without any work from your side.

For example: you can setup an automation to be sent if people haven’t opened an email or clicked on a link.

Or to send an email if people are subscribed to a certain list, have a certain tag or purchased specific product.

That way can run real behavior-based email campaigns that follow-ups with the right type of email to help you convert your leads into customers.

You can personalize your emails with custom tags based on any information that you already have about your leads.

What’s really good about Kartra is that it tracks every email sent, opened, clicked and dollar earned in real-time.

Thanks to this information you can analyze your email marketing campaigns and learn exactly what generates you results.

Funnels & Campaigns – with Kartra it’s probably easier to build sales funnels than with any other platform.

With this feature you have integration between all the pillars of a funnel:

  • Pages
  • Opt-in forms
  • Checkouts
  • Emails
  • Lead tagging
  • Memberships

That way every page that you have created within Kartra you can connect in a multi-page funnel flow to be easier to manage.

You can also setup email sequences to be triggered once people go from one step to another within your funnel.

Or you can assign a tag to your leads once to land on a page.

The simple drag-and-drop sequence builder allows you to connect all the elements together – such as pages, emails, lead tagging, etc.

What’s really good about Kartra is that you can import and use proven campaigns from other members.

Some of the best marketers like Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins have their campaigns available to be used by others within Kartra.

You can also import other campaigns from their marketplace or even sell your campaigns to other members.  

Memberships – with Kartra memberships you can create a platform to share your knowledge with your customers.

With its help you can create an account for each of your customers and they can login to watch and read your content.

You can host anything from video, audio, PDF and articles which gives you variety when it comes to teaching.

To prevent downloads you can also use the drip content feature and release new content on a timed schedule.

That way you can setup new post to be automatically released each day or each week for each new member.

Kartra memberships also give you the option to track the progress of your students and tap into data such as average user progression level, average number of days from registration to course completion, etc.

Students can also use the progression bar to pickup where they left and to track their own progress.

What’s really cool about Kartra is that you can host multiple memberships within one platform while only giving access that people paid for.

And you can also use this as an opportunity to cross-sell your customers and to let them buy your other courses as well.

Videos – Kartra has an integrated video player that you can use to host all your videos so you don’t have to pay for extra services like Vimeo or Wistia.

With Kartra you can upload a video with a simple click, publish it on an existing page and have people watching it within minutes.

You can customize the look and choose among many video player skins and colors so you can better match your site’s branding.

Besides this, you can customize and have full control over the user experience.

You can choose to autoplay a video, to hide the control bar, to brand your video with a watermark and more.

One of the coolest features are the timely actions.

They allow you to setup an opt-in to appear when you mention a giveaway. 

Or to setup the buy button to appear when you switch to your offer within the video. 

Kartra also knows exactly which leads are viewers and it allows you to understand:

  • Who’s been watching your videos
  • How much of the video he’s been watching
  • Which videos are proving the most value 

You can also assign tags depending on video views and how much of the video people have been watching.

For example: if you start pitching your offer at 60% of the video then you can assign the tag “has seen offer” to all leads who keep watching past this.

You can also tag people who leave before finishing the video and use this as an opportunity to send them an email reminder to watch it again.  

Helpdesks – Kartra Helpdesks allows you to deliver out-of-this-world support to your customers.

The robust ticketing system allows you to keep your tickets organized by departments so you can assign each one to the best person to deal with the issue.

These could be:

  • Technical support
  • Billing support
  • Sales support

You can also have multiple agents collaborate together on a single ticket. 

So an agent can add another agent to the conversation, send or pass him a message, transfer the ticket to another agent or department, etc.

The ticketing system also automatically deals with shifts by assigning the ticket to the next available agent.

Kartra Helpdesks allows you to support your customers in 4 ways:

  • A support ticket
  • Over the phone
  • Through skype
  • Through live chat

To boost productivity the platform also allows you to use wiki articles and setup canned responses to save time.

Calendars – Kartra Calendars allows your customers to check your availability and schedule a time to talk with you.

And you can use this for any purpose:

  • Sales calls
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Recurring classes
  • Live events
  • Interviews

The good thing is also that your calendar is being updated in real-time.

This means that once someone books a particular slot, it won’t be available for others.

The Kartra Calendars also has dynamic timezone conversions.

So people see when you’re available for a call in their local time and they don’t need to make the calculations themselves.

Kartra also does all the reminders for you automatically to make sure your prospects are going to show you for the call.

Upon signing up they will send an email to your prospects with all the details for the call.

And they will also send him follow-up reminders before the call to make sure they don’t forget about it.

Forms – Kartra allows you to use advanced and fully designed opt-in forms placed directly into your pages.

These forms you can embed on your page, you can make them appear in a popup, slide in or peek-in window.

You can even have in-video call-to-action and make your form appear at the exact moment that’s relevant to your audience.

Kartra will also autofill details from previous visits to help you increase conversion rates and more people opting in.

To help you better segment your list, Kartra allows you to tag your list upon opt-in. 

You can use that to immediately trigger an automation to follow up with your audience and to convert them into customers.

Affiliates – Kartra has a build-in tool that allows you to build an army of affiliates to promote your products.

That way you have people to promote your stuff and you only pay them a commission after sales have been made.

You can setup flexible commissions and pay your affiliates the way you want to. You can choose the same commission for everything or make it different for each product you sell.

With Kartra you can track all your affiliate sales so you can understand how much of your total revenue is generated by affiliates.

Your affiliate dashboard shows you detailed information about each affiliate such as:

  • Earnings per click
  • Sales
  • Rebills
  • Conversions

One of the best things about Kartra, is that they have their own Affiliate marketplace.

This is where you can get your offers in front of thousands of affiliates and you can easily find people to promote your stuff.

You can even screen them with mandatory questions and terms & conditions that they need to obey.

Integrations & API – Kartra has native integrations with a lot of big names from the industry and they keep adding new names to the list as time goes on.

First, for your Kartra checkouts you have integrations with major payment gateways such as Stripe,, PayPal and Braintree.

Second, for email gateways you have integrations with SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail, and Postmark.

Third, for sms gateways you have integrations with Twilio, Plivo and Nexmo.

Fourth, for membership platforms you have integrations with Kajabi, aMember, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Press, S2 Member and Wishlist.

Fifth, your Kartra Calendars also syncs with Google Calendars.

Sixth, the integration with Zapier allows you to connect with any other app that you might need.

Besides all of this, you can also create your own custom integration with Kartra using their API, IPN and Custom App system.

Agency – Kartra agency allows you to manage all of your client’s accounts through a single dashboard.

That way you don’t need to login manually into each of their accounts and you can manage everything from one place.

So you don’t need to search and look for usernames and passwords each time you want to access them.

Instead, you login directly from your agency homescreen.

And on your dashboard, you’re going to see a summarized analytics with performance metrics for each client.

When working with clients you can also choose among 2 main business models:

#1 Account owner: In this case, you own the client account and you sublease it to your clients.

This gives you the opportunity to buy accounts at bulk with 40 percent discount.

And later it’s up to you to decide at what price you want to sell them to your clients.

With this business model, you have full control over the account and you decide what access to give to your client.

For example:

You can give them full access, restricted access or not access at all.

It’s all up to you.

Also, if at some point they break your contract and stop paying you can immediately freeze their account.

#2 The service provider: with this business model you connect your agency account with other existing Kartra accounts.

That way you can manage them on the behalf of your clients.

In this case, instead of an account owner, you operate as a contractor.

And once the contract is over you or the client can unlink the account.

Since you’re a contractor, they handle the billing on their own end so you don’t have to deal with that.

What I really like about Kartra Agency is that they have put a lot of effort into creating in-depth reports for clients.

With this feature, you can send monthly, weekly or even daily reports to your clients so they always know what’s going on with their business.

And you have them precious time from logging into their accounts and checking the stats themselves.


Now let’s take a deeper look at the support that you get when you sign up for the platform:

As well as, the resources that are provided to you to help you learn how to use all the tools to make money and grow your business.

Support/ticket system – Kartra provides you with 24/7 customer support that you can contact directly from their website.

All you need to do is to go to their support page and click on “Contact Our Amazing Support Team”.

After this, a slide-in window will appear on the right side of the screen and you will be able to send a message to the customer support.

What’s good about this is that you can leave your phone number and the support can call you later on about your problem.

Also here you can check the current status of all of your tickets and if there’s any update or progress being made. 

Email and live chat support – Unfortunately, Kartra doesn’t offer email and chat support.

So you can’t email them directly. You need to send them a message from the ticketing system on their website.

The biggest problem for me is the lack of live chat and the ability to communicate with support representatives that way.

Phone Support – Kartra has a phone number listed on their website. So this might fool people into believing they might offer phone support as well.

However, when you call the number you just hear a pre-recorded voice message that tells you if you want to contact support to do it from the website.

And after that the call is being automatically canceled.

It would have been nice if they had someone to actually pick up the phone but I guess this is not always possible with software companies.

But at least, they could have included a phone support for their gold and platinum users.

Kartraverse training center – the Kartraverse provides users all the training that they need in order to make money online with Kartra.

It is divided into two sections – Kartranaut Training Program and Kartra Academy.

#1 Kartranaut Training Program: it is designed to teach you how to use Kartra and all of its features, a.k.a. All the technical aspects of using the platform.

#2 Kartra Academy: it is designed to teach you everything when it comes to creating marketing campaigns and funnels to make money with Kartra. 

Facebook group – Kartra also has a very active Facebook group with over 16,000 members where you can connect with others and ask questions.

This is a good place where you can also learn a lot from other Kartra users.

As people constantly share about their success stories and strategies that they use.

Besides this, you can also use the group as an opportunity to hire talent that can help with building your own funnels or with your marketing strategy.

Request a feature from a developer – I believe this is one of the coolest features that Kartra offers.

Many of us might have ideas about cool features that we wish Kartra offered but they currently don’t.

Well, with this feature you can change this.

Because they give you the option to send them a message and to explain them in detail your idea.

Later on, they’re going to review your request and if there are other people who want the same thing then Kartra is going to develop it.

That way as a customer you have strong influence on product development.

Which makes the platform even better for everybody.


Kartra gives you the option to choose between 4 plans – Starter, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Each plan has different limits for leads, domains, emails, bandwidth, pages, membership sites and team members.

Now let’s see the difference between the plans:

Starter – the starter plan costs $99/month when billed monthly and $79/month when billed annually.

The package is good enough to get you started with Kartra as it gives you all the functionality that you need.

With this package you can connect 1 domain, generate up to 2,500 leads and send up to 15,000 emails per month.

Which is more than enough for anyone to get started making money online.

Additionally to that within this plan, Kartra allows you to create up to 100 pages and sell 20 products.

Which is probably more than people would need if they’re just starting out with their business.

You can even build 2 membership sites with this plan.

The major thing that I don’t like about this plan is that you only have 1 connect for the helpdesk.

Which means that you won’t really be able to count on the tech support when you’re in need with this plan.

Also the agency feature is not included in this plan.

Which means that if you run a digital agency you won’t be able to manage your client accounts with this plan and you would need to upgrade. 

Silver – the Silver plan costs $199/month when billed monthly and $149/month when billed annually.

This is the most popular plan that gives most of the features that people need when running an online business.

With Silver you can integrate Kartra with 3 domains, generate up to 12,500 leads and send 125,000 emails per month.

What’s really cool about this plan is that it allows you to have unlimited pages, membership sites and products to sell.

Which could be extremely helpful as your business grows.

Not to mention, you can have unlimited members so you can add as many people as you want to manage your pages and your campaigns.

The best thing about upgrading to this plan is that now you have access to unlimited helpdesk.

So anytime you need help the support will be there to help you out.

And this is the main reason why it’s worth upgrading to Silver.

Gold – the gold plan costs $299/month when paid monthly or $229/month when paid annually.

With the Gold plan you can connect up to 5 domains, generate up to $25,000 leads and send 250,000 emails per month.

Which would be the main reason to upgrade – because you need to connect more domains, generate more leads or send more email.

Otherwise, everything else that it offers is the same as the silver plan.

Which means again – unlimited pages, products, membership sites, team members and helpdesk.

Platinum – the platinum plan costs $499/month when paid monthly and $379/month when paid annually.

As the most expensive plan, Platinum allows you to connect up to 10 domains, generate up to 50,000 leads and send 500,000 emails per month.

So the only reason to upgrade to this plan is if you grow that much that this becomes a necessity for you.

Otherwise, everything is the same as in the Silver plan.

This includes unlimited pages, products, membership sites, team members and helpdesk.

Additionally to these plans, Kartra also allows you to purchase additional domains, leads, email sends and bandwidth.

In Conclusion

I have written this Kartra review with the idea to really show you what’s possible to achieve with this sales funnel software.

In my opinion, this is by far one of the most powerful marketing platforms that exist today that can help you grow your business.

All the features from the checkout, the landing pages, the marketing automation and so on have been created with the idea to help you market and sell better.

But Kartra didn’t stop with just being a marketing platform.

They also have a powerful helpdesk system that can help you deliver great customer support.

As well as the option to create your own membership sites and host your own videos.

So if you’re looking for a platform to help you sell online courses, consulting, coaching and even physical products, then I would highly recommend you try Kartra.

What kind of landing page software are you currently using in your business? What do you think about Kartra? Let us know in the comments below.