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todayDecember 7, 2020

Marketing Strategy Tarun Gehani

Want to Keep Your Customers Engaged on Your Website? Here’s How

One of the fundamental principles of running a successful business is to maintain customer satisfaction. Once you achieve that, it becomes easier to increase your profit streams as they find it easier to purchase from you. Customer satisfaction comes in many forms. Ideally, maintaining a high quality of product and [...]

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Why Most Marketing Platforms Are Overrated, The Ultimate Samcart Review

Funnel Software Tarun Gehani todayJune 29, 2020 192

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You’re probably having a hard time choosing the best sales funnel software to sell your products and services.

That’s why in this complete Samcart Review, I will give my honest opinion if you can “Get control over your business.” in their words, using their software.

This review will cover everything you need to know to make the best decision possible before choosing a Marketing Platform in which to sell your products.

We’ll begin by taking a look at all Samcart features, both the good and the bad, while at the same time showing you how you can make the most out of using Samcart‘s product.

Then we’ll investigate how Samcart integrates with different 3rd party apps. You know how important it is to get everything covered fully connected before you start scaling your business.

Besides this, we’ll also dive deeper at Samcart‘s customer support experience and it’s competitive pricing options to make sure that you’re well prepared before you make any decision.

So without further ado, let’s get started and dive right into the heart of this review!

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Samcart Features

Samcart is a full-featured web-based eCommerce platform exclusively for sellers who are tired of a catalog store. It allows you to create professional shopping cart pages that convert 20-30% more people than an ordinary online store.

With SamCart‘s help, you can easily create high-converting checkout pages, product pages for your physical or digital products, or by using its affiliate center you can design an epic affiliate program that sells your products for you.

And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg… Samcart integrates with almost every 3rd-party software that can come to mind so you’ll easily be able to connect it to your Marketing Automation ‘s software.

But we’ll discuss this in-depth through this SamCart review.

Not only that but by reading till the end you’ll be able to understand all the features that Samcart offers and how you can use them to sell your product with maximum efficiency.

Products – Using Samcart makes it extremely easy to set up hundreds of digital products using different payment structures such as one-time payment or a weekly/ monthly/ quarterly or even custom frequency recurring payment.

Every product that you add has a specific “downloads page” where the user is able to access their purchase, which makes selling digital products like a child’s play.

Samcart offers so many features that focus solely on conversion-optimization so that online retailers like you can increase revenue and profit.

Whether you have an eCommerce store or you’re a consultant selling digital products, using Samcart‘s features will allow you to double the buck from each and every customer you get.

So without further ado, in this section, I’ll share with you all the tricks that Samcart is going to give you to optimize your Sales Process.

Let us begin with the most important one, the one that allows you to collect the money from your visitors…

Checkout Pages — Using Samcart‘s drag and drop content builder you’re able to create a market-tested, proven, and effective checkout page in under 3 minutes.

At least, that’s what it promises if you read their landing-page. Now, let’s dive even deeper so that we can see clearly if this is actually true.

If you’ve read some studies online, you’ll find out that about 80% of people who add a product to their cart will abandon it. So if you’re able to get just a small portion of those people to convert, you’ll significantly increase your conversions.

A great thing that Samcart has to offer is their pack of 18 Top-performing Pre-made checkout pages that others have proven to convert.

Honestly, as a marketer, I don’t believe that ALL of their templates are really that good, but I LOVE at least 5 of them.

Anyway, once you successfully choose your checkout page, you can easily customize it using their Samcart‘s Drag and Drop builder.

This is how Samcart makes the process highly intuitive for you with all of their Checkout Page builder features:

  • Headlines that grab your readers’ attention.
  • Text boxes that convey the features of your physical or digital product.
  • Videos so that you can show out your product in datil.
  • Bullet Point that beautifully portrays the benefits your customers are going to get by shopping with you.
  • Button for easy Call-to-actions.
  • Timers that entice Scarcity and make your visitors act NOW.
  • Guarantees to remove all this risk.
  • Testimonials to increase the trust with your brand.
  • FAQ section that can really answer all of your visitors’ questions.
  • Progress Bars that further optimize the sales process and show your visitors how close they’re to completing their order.
  • Tracking Scripts so that you can easily track where your marketing budget goes.

What’s more, is that every page that you build with SamCart is mobile responsive, which is of great importance in the ever-changing mobile world we live in.

Every new product that you add with Samcart goes first through what is called a Sandbox mode. The beauty here is that you can make sure everything is working perfectly before going live with any of your digital or physical products.

This means that Samcart also allows you to actually test the payments without going live or without even charging your credit card, just to mess up your stats.

So as you can see already in this Samcart review, the software really saves a lot of precious time and resources.

Yet, we’re still just beginning.

An important question to ask here is how you process payments?

Payments Samcart doesn’t have its own payment processor, but it allows you to connect your checkout pages to the most-commonly used Payment Processors.

SamCart integrates with both Paypal Checkout and Stripe Payments so that you can effortlessly accept live payments.

What’s even more beautiful is that if you use Samcart, their Knowledge Base explains the process step by step, not only on their side, but also what you have to do in the platform you’re integrating it.

As you can see from the image below, you can activate both Payment Processors at the same time.

So it really is a seamless experience.

To boost conversions, even more, you can add payment options to your page which comes in handy if you want to offer a payment plan for more expensive products.

A study shows that when you have different payment plans on your checkout page, this converts 17,8% more customers just by letting them pay over time.

Now let us dive deeper into Samcart‘s Conversion-boosting mechanisms.

One-Page Checkout — If you’re tired of losing potential customers just because your sales process to your digital or physical products is too complicated, Samcart has you covered.

Now, if you’re still confused on what One-Page Checkout means, it’s something like this

Your checkout pages within SamCart are integrated with your favorite Payment Processors as explained above and they act as a Sales Funnel + actual checkout page in which the order is made.

This SamCart feature does not only optimize your Sales Process in this way, but it also offers you the ability to add several payment options onto a single checkout page.

This is fantastic because if you are selling a more expensive digital product like consulting or a course, you don’t need to have separate checkout pages for the different payment plans.

Your customer can effortlessly choose the perfect plan without having to leave the “shopping cart”.

This is just the tip of the Iceberg, not only do you have conversion-optimized checkout page templates and on-page payment plans, but also…

1-Click Upsells – As you’ll see in Samcart‘s landing page, what they promise is that this feature will 3x or more the money you receive on every sale, which is close to the Truth.

In fact, back in 2006, the biggest retail store (Amazon) reported that 35% of its yearly revenue came from its upselling efforts, which proves the point that if you use Samcart, you’re ahead of the competitors’ curve.

Just imagine it, if Amazon is making that much money from upselling, don’t you think that this also deserves your attention?

1-Click Upsells are the single most powerful feature for your bottom line. Thankfully, Samcart checkout pages builder replaces all the complicated tech work with one of their simple tools.

With SamCart, you can effortlessly create a simple upsell page that makes a special offer to your newest customers right after they buy.

They even have a quick video tutorial in their Helpdesk with which it’ll take you less than 10 minutes to set-up upsells for your Samcart checkout.

Once you create the Upsell within SamCart and connect it to an existing product, you can even customize the content on the second checkout page.

On average these simple add-ons increase revenue by up to 42%.

But Samcart doesn’t stop there…

Cross-Selling and Order Bumps – Cross-selling is when you sell products that are similar to the ones already bought from your customer. Similar to what you get offered when you enter Mcdonalds. If someone purchases a burger, you instantly get offered some french-fries with it.

You might also use bundling as a way to increase your sales. This is when you group two or more products together and you sell them as a package for a special price.

It’s like your customers add double the amount of products in the shopping cart, of course with relevant products.

Down below you can see a walkthrough on how to choose relevant upsells for already a created product within SamCart.

Now, cross-selling is great, but what is an Order Bump?

You can use Samcart Order Bumps to sell a supplementary product displayed on the same checkout page your prospect is ordering from. Think of it like… last minute upselling.

This allows your customers to add an extra item to their shipping cart while you’re able to significantly increase your average order value.

Here’s how it looks:

Just before or after your customers enter their credit card details on your checkout pages, they’re offered a supplementary digital product for example that completes their purchase.

On average all these Upsell offers to increase the revenue of your products and services by up to 61%.

This is all great, but what happens if you don’t integrate these conversion optimization processes effectively?

Well, here comes the funny part, Samcart allows you to…

A/B Testing – If you’re not converting as many visitors as you want into customers, don’t you think that a feature like a split test would come in handy?

It’s obvious, right? Of course, it would.

Fortunately, Samcart has us covered one more time, it allows you to run live split tests and then compare their results for maximum conversions.

Using Samcart you can split test almost anything that comes to mind including:

  • Different colors on your checkout pages
  • Completely unique guarantee badges, and YES it seems like this is important!
  • Removing some extra fields that just slow down the process
  • Different Headline on your checkout templates
  • etc…

Samcart tests automatically all variations for you to find the best-converting option. Later on, you just have to look at the analytics to determine the winner.

You can see the results in the AB Test section in settings. And once you have a winner, Samcart shows you what you need to stop.

It sounds almost perfect, but for this Samcart review to be complete I also have to shine some light upon its flaws…

Unfortunately, SamCart doesn’t allow you to split-test the price of your product.

So you can only do this by creating two products and different pricing and then seeing which one performs better.

Yet, it’s important to take into account that to do A/ B testing right…

Every marketer will tell you that you should split test the big changes first (ex. like page layouts and templates) and then work your way down the minute details.

To sum up, A/B testing is an absolutely great way to take the guesswork out of optimizing your website.

But now, what’s the easiest way and a feature that Samcart offers to increase conversions in your shopping cart if you sell physical products. People actually love it…

Automatic Coupons – Consumers are going crazy over them, they’re thrilling, exciting and help them save money on the products they’d love to purchase.

While a lot of eCommerce stores use coupons, 78% of customers, when asked how they prefer to use them, said that it would be much easier if they’re automatically applied to their shopping cart.

It makes shopping for products online fun, quick, and easy. With Samcart, you can easily apply coupons to your products and services. Under product details, scroll to the bottom, and your will the field “Coupons”.

In the settings, you can even choose if you want the coupon type to be % off or a flat rate.

The coupon that you set up will be live and ready in a matter of seconds. You can make many different types of coupons with daily, weekly, monthly, or even a lifetime value.

And lastly, for the features section in this Samcart review, there is one absolutely amazing tool that they have…

Subscription Saver — Almost all marketers when they get started with selling subscription-based products believe that since their customers trusted their brands on the first purchase, they’ll always pay their subscription on time.

Boy, were they so naive. Some customers online always try to find a way to rip their vendors off. People will ask for a chargeback or cancel their credit cards so they don’t have to pay.

So your recurring income could be lost if your customers decide to do this.

But by using Samcart, you’re protected against expired credit cards and declined payments. When this happens, Samcart emails your customer automatically and reminds him to update his payment details, even if you’re on vacation.

After a couple of emails, if a customer doesn’t update his payment method several times, then his subscription is canceled automatically. Then it marks them in your Analytics so you can identify them later on, and decide what you should do with them.

Within just a few minutes by using all of these SamCart features you’re now getting your customers to spend twice as much money each time they buy from you.

Now that you’ve read this SamCart review to this part, I want to share with you one of the most powerful features that can help you increase your revenue in your business… Let me introduce you to…

Samcart‘s Affiliate Center – Using Samcart, you can literally assign affiliates to promote all of your products for you.

In order for your army to begin promoting your products through SamCart‘s affiliate center, they must first sign up for your program.

Samcart will create a beautiful Affiliate Signup page which you can then send out to your prospects.

Then you have the option to either approve them yourself or automatically accept your new affiliates.

SamCart‘s affiliate center is also fully optimized for conversions so it really does all the job for you. It creates private media links and emails for your affiliates, tracks all their results, and even gives you a scoreboard in which you can track their progress.

The only thing you have to set up for yourself before you get started is the Commission Structure and when to give crests to the right affiliate (choose when the cookies should expire).

Again in the affiliate program, you create with SamCart, you can either choose to pay commission based on the percentage of the sales or a fixed rate. There’s even a recurring commission type for your subscription-based products.

It’s also important to state here that you have a beautifully designed Affiliate Center Dashboard in which you can identify your top-selling affiliates, measure important statistics like Earnings Per Click and scale your sales effortlessly.

For now, before I show you all the apps that Samcart integrates with I also want to take some time to show you how they actually deliver on their promise. (Make 3X or more on every sale by offering an upgrade or option to buy another more expensive product.)

You can literally track everything in Samcart‘s live streaming dashboard. Run traffic and conversion reports to find out where your sales are coming from and then use all that data to optimize your sales funnels to maximum conversion.

To sum up the benefits section of this review, SamCart is one of the most flexible and customizable shopping cart solutions on the market for professional digital marketers.

It includes checkout page templates well optimized for the most important aspect of the Sales Process – The Conversion.

A/B testing so that you can see the best performing variation.

Flawless new product creation section with on-page conversion templates.

Literally,  an elegant, simple to use, and 100% reliable shopping cart system that produces beautiful checkout pages your customers will love…

But now, you might wonder…

What does it integrate with, how can I use the integrations Samcart has to offer to really get the best of it?

Glad you asked, this is exactly the topic we’ll discuss next.

SamCart Integrations

When it comes to integrations, some of the platforms out there may really be painful to work with. Fortunately, Samcart is on our side.

Most people use Samcart features to take care of their checkout process for membership sites because it integrates seamlessly with almost all 3rd party apps you can think of.

The integrations Samcart has to offer range from tracking tools, email marketing, marketing automation, product delivery, and even different page builders.

Down below you can see a fairly exhaustive list of the major tools, most people integrate Samcart with:

  • Active Campaign
  • AWeber
  • ConstantContact
  • ConvertKit
  • Digital Access
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • HubSpot
  • iContact
  • InfusionSoft
  • Kajabi
  • MailChimp
  • MaroPost
  • Member Mouse
  • OntraPort
  • OptimizePress
  • WordPress
  • WishList
  • Zapier
  • etc…

To help you go through this process easily Samcart guides you through their so-called “Integration Engine”

By going to the General Marketplace Settings within SamCart, you select Integrations and then head over to the Integration Setup tab, you’ll see all of the apps that are connected via Samcarts Integration Engine, as shown in the image below.

Samcart also allows you to bring your customers back, again and again, to buy from you by automating dozens of different tasks inside any other tool you’re already using.

Yet, I’m not here to give you an exact guideline on how you can connect it to all of your 3rd party apps. I’m offering an honest Samcart review and my opinion is that when it comes to integrations, the experience they give is flawless.

The best part of it might actually be hidden in their Support, this is what is fundamentally important for any product you use. If it doesn’t feature seamless support it’s not worth it.

SamCart Support

The moment you land on Samcart‘s website, a messenger pop-up appears which connects to an automated messenger go.

So it seems like SamCart really cares about their audience, even before they enter their email address on the registration page.

By chatting with the bot, SamCart will instantly give a pre-recorded demo and offer you to schedule a live demo with their support team if you’re further interested.

So when it comes to Live training and email support, SamCart got you covered.

However, they don’t stop here.

If you’re right now in the process of moving from one CRM to another, then Samcart‘s support team will give you the best service possible even in your Free Trial.

As you can from the image below one of the features their support team offers is building or helping you duplicate your Sales Funnel for you.

And they’ll even take the time to get on Google Hangouts meeting you, without offering you any additional upsells. This is how much Samcart cares about their community!

I really haven’t seen such amazing features from a support team.

It’s my moral responsibility to actually show you how seamless their customer experience process is in the Samcart Review.

When you’re in your Dashboard you can easily just click the messenger icon and fill the email form to get in contact with their people. See the image below

Yet that’s just the beginning, almost all platforms out there have email support, but what I love about their product is that they have a fully-operational “course” inside their dashboard called Knowledge Base.

You can literally be guided Step by Step on any given problem that you have on Samcart‘s platform. It has dozens of video walkthroughs and tutorials that Samcart‘s team has created so that you can easily navigate through your integration process.

People love their Support team!

And lastly, when it comes to the support is their Facebook group. When you become a member of Samcart‘s Family, you can enter their Private Facebook Group in which you can get help from thousands of other Samcart users one to one.

It’s like being part of a community of people with a common goal, and if you know how important it is to be of a Mastermind group, you’ll understand the value of that.

Now we’ve covered almost everything in this review, but lastly, it comes down to the Pricing, right?

SamCart Pricing

When it comes to Samcart Pricing, there are 3 different pricing plans for SamCart and is one of the more expensive solutions. But with the different options, it’s suitable for every budget.

The Launch Plan (basic plan) – it costs $49 a month and includes everything you need to get started.

The Grow Plan – it costs $99 a month, adds features like Subscription Charge Reminders and additional UTM Tracking and Marketing Reporting Dashboard.

It’s a great option when you’ve already set up your Sales Process and are for scaling and further optimization.

Scale plan – this is the most expensive one that costs $199 a month and it includes features like Cart Abandonment sales process, Built-in AB Testing, an Affiliate Center to really squeeze down your sales, and a Subscription Saver tool.

Yet, if you’re still researching and can’t make a decision I would highly suggest making the most of your sales process by giving Samcart‘s Free Trial a go.

Just register, enter your email address and start optimizing your sales process with just a single page.

Even if you don’t like it, you have your rights reserved to stop your subscription before Samcart charges you a dime. It’s well worth it to investigate the features for yourself.

However, for any business with an already proven sales process, I would suggest their Scale Plan at $99 a month.

Now to sum it all up, I would like to add a couple of words.


SamCart is a quick and easy fix for any entrepreneur who wants to get started selling their digital or physical products, right away. No installation needed, no coding skills, you just have to be able to use the computer, follow instructions and you’re good to go.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Links with different payment processing tools.
  • It has beautiful checkout templates.
  • And helps you upsell products and services with just 1 click of a button.

So if you want to sell to more people and increase your average order value…

Start your Free Trial to use Samcart now!

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Written by: Tarun Gehani

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