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todayDecember 7, 2020

Marketing Strategy Tarun Gehani

Want to Keep Your Customers Engaged on Your Website? Here’s How

One of the fundamental principles of running a successful business is to maintain customer satisfaction. Once you achieve that, it becomes easier to increase your profit streams as they find it easier to purchase from you. Customer satisfaction comes in many forms. Ideally, maintaining a high quality of product and [...]

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Wishpond Review – The Best Software For Social Media Contests & Promos

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In this Wishpond review, you’re going to learn in full details everything you need to know about using the platform to build your entire sales funnel.

I’m going to do a full breakdown of all the features so you have a complete understanding of what’s possible to achieve with the funnel software.

So you know all about the pros and cons of using it by small business owners, marketers and social media content creators.

I’m also going to look at and review all the integrations that they offer so you know how you can connect it to other tools that you use.

And I’m going to discuss the customer support that they provide and the Wishpond pricing so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost you to use it.

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Wishpond Features Review

Wishpond has some powerful features that allow you to grow your audience, generate leads and convert them into sales.

With this marketing software, you can create landing pages, forms and popups that you can place anywhere on your website to grow your list.

And you can also create contests and promos on social media sites to grow your audience and get more reach.

So now let’s review all the features that this marketing software has to offer so you can better understand how you can use it for your small business:

Landing pagesWishpond allows you to build high-converting landing pages with their easy to use landing page builder.

As a customer, you can use those for lead generation, direct-to-purchase, running contests on social media sites and more.

They have over 100 ready to use mobile-friendly templates that you can use to create landing pages in minutes.

With the amazing easy to use drag-and-drop editor you can customize the look of your landing page and change anything you want without the need to edit any code.

You can simply drag any element you want to have on the landing page and place it where you want it to be.

No matter if these are text, images, videos, forms, buttons or anything else.

Wishpond even allows you to integrate Google Maps on your landing pages or add custom HTML.    

As a customer Wishpond gives you an option to optimize the layout and the content of your landing page for tables and mobile so you better present your offer and show it properly on each specific device.

In case, the drag-and-drop functionality is not enough for you then Wishpond also allows you to use CSS and Javascript to customize your landing pages and add any functionality that you would need.

And each new landing page you can save as a template that you can use later on when you need it.

The landing page builder also has integrated features to easily add any type of analytics or tracking codes such as Google Analytics or the Facebook pixel.

Besides this, you can also perform A/B testing on your landing pages using Wishpond and use that as a way to improve your conversion rates and sales

Last but not least, this marketing tool also has built-in EU visitor settings which allows you to show or hide specific landing pages from EU visitors.

This could be incredibly valuable if you have landing pages that are not GDPR compliant and you don’t want to show them to people from Europe.

So after I made the review of the landing page builder I would give it an overall rating of 2/4. Feel free to try it out by signing up for a free trial.

Popups –  Wishpond allows you to use powerful popups to turn your website visitors into leads and sales.

That way you can use them for lead generation, growing your email list and giving away coupon codes to your visitors.

Thanks to their easy to use popup builder you can create popups, welcome mats, slide-in popups, and opt-in bars.

As a customer Wishpond offers you over 100 pre-built templates that you can use to create your popups.

This could be incredibly valuable if you have landing pages that are not GDPR compliant and you don’t want to show them to people from Europe.

So after I made the review of the landing page builder I would give it an overall rating of 2/4. Feel free to try it out by signing up for a free trial.

Popups –  Wishpond allows you to use powerful popups to turn your website visitors into leads and sales.

That way you can use them for lead generation, growing your email list and giving away coupon codes to your visitors.

Thanks to their easy to use popup builder you can create popups, welcome mats, slide-in popups, and opt-in bars.

As a customer Wishpond offers you over 100 pre-built templates that you can use to create your popups.

With its help, you can change anything from text, images, buttons and more.

As a customer Wishpond also gives you the option to choose where on the landing page the popup to be placed – top, bottom, left or right.

You can also select and choose the type of animation you want when people enter and when they exit the landing page and how long to last.

Last but not least, you can also choose if you want to have screen overlay or not.

And for the overlay you can upload a specific image that you want or you can simply choose a background color.

When you publish your popup you can also decide exactly when you want it to be triggered.

This could be on entry, exit, croll, click, or any timed delay.

Last but not least, Wishpond also provides you with powerful analytics that will allow you to better understand how your popups are performing.

They allow you to track how a popup performs on each URL of your website.

And for each page you will be able to see stats like views, number of conversions and conversion rates.

So after I made the review of the popup builder I would give it an overall rating of 3/4. Feel free to try it out by signing up for a free trial.

Online formsWishpond allows you to create simple and beautiful online forms that you can publish anywhere (on your landing pages, website, etc.).

They give you dozens of pre-built templates that you can use to save time and effort.

The easy to use drag-and-drop builder allows you to customize your forms the way you want to without the need to edit a single piece of code.

Which is perfect for digital marketing experts who don’t want to rely on developers to make changes to their pages.

With this marketing tool, you can edit the text, change fonts, add more form fields and more.

And to improve the performance of your forms, Wishpond also allows you to do A/B testing.

That way you can test different variations and later on compare the data.

As a customer Wishpond allows you to compare the data by views, number of conversions, conversion rate, improvement in conversion rate and probability of winning.

And once you have a test with 95% chance of winning you can set it up as the final version.

What’s really good about these forms is that you can really publish them anywhere.

Just copy and paste the code and you can have them on your website, blog or Wishpond landing page.

So after I made the review of the online forms feature I would give it an overall rating of 3/4.

Social promotions – one of the best features of Wishpond is that it allows you to run social contests and promotions to generate more social engagement and get more followers.

Not to mention, these are great for lead generation and growing your email list.

Using Wishpond for social promotion is where the marketing software really stands out.

With this marketing tool you can run 10 different types of social media contests and competitions:

#1 SweepstakesWishpond allows you to run sweepstakes as a way to engage and grow your audience.

This is a contest where people opt-in for the chance to win a prize or prizes. And later on the winners are randomly selected among them.

It is a great digital marketing strategy to grow your email list and to get your audience engaged around your brand.

With Wishpond, you can easily publish sweepstakes on your landing pages, website, blog, Wishpond subdomain, mobile and even Facebook page.

And creating a sweepstake campaign is pretty easy with the software.

You can choose among dozens of pre-made templates that allow you to set them up within minutes.

With the easy to use drag-and-drop editor you can make all the changes that you want to your sweepstake page.

You can change text, font, colors, forms fields and more.

#2 Photo contest: With Wishpond you can run photo contests that allow you to grow your list and engage your audience.

With its help you can easily use their pre-built templates to create a photo content within minutes.

That way on the landing page you can write what the photo contest is about and you have a form so people can apply.

A really cool feature is the ability to upload a picture directly from the page. And even to drag-and-drop it from your folders.

Once pictures are uploaded they’re added to a gallery that shows photo captions, entrants, and votes.

Wishpond also gives you advanced voting features – like asking for an email to vote, enabling CAPTCHA voting, and limiting voter participation.

#3 Bonus entry contest: With this feature you can reward your audience with points for following you on social media, sharing your content or converting on your site.

That way you can grow your audience faster and improve the reach of your content.

You can give points to people for: 

  • following you on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • subscribing to your YouTube channel
  • sharing your content via email, direct link, or on social media
  • Signing up or convertion on a campaign
  • Viewing a page or a popup
  • Reading and clicking in an email

#4 Instagram hashtag contest: Wishpond allows you to build and run hashtag photo contests on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels.

You have full control over making the rules of the contest or social promotion.

Such as letting people know that they need to follow you on Instagram and use a specific hashtag with the picture they post.

And once it’s published all images with your hashtag will be automatically added to the gallery on the page.

Each photo contest entry also gets its own url that people can use to spread the word about the hashtag contest.

Wishpond also adds voting options for each photo and the ability to collect voter information.

#5 Coupon: With Wishpond you can create and giveaway coupons, discount codes and vouchers in order to generate leads and to drive sales.

With the drag-and-drop editor you can easily make changes and customize your coupons the way you want to.

You can change text, font, add more form fields and more.

The coupon codes you can generate automatically with Wishpond or you can upload your own that are already created.

You can also limit the number of coupons you’re giving away to create scarcity or to not hurt your profit too much.

Once people opt-in, Wishpond can automatically display the coupon code on the page or send them in an email.

#6 Referral contest – with this campaign you can run referral contests and promotions that allows you to grow your audience, generate more traffic, leads and sales.

You can customize your campaign the way you want to and setup your own rules.

Once people opt-in for the contest, they will receive their personal referral link in their emails and then they will be able to use it to promote your stuff.

You can even setup a goal that your referrals need to achieve in order to get the reward that you promise.

For example: you can ask people to refer 5 friends in order to get $25 off their purchases on your website.

#7 Vote contest – with Wishpond you can create vote contests to engage your fans and followers.

When visitors land on your page they see a full gallery of images they can vote for that features captions, number of votes, and more.

Everyone who enters the contest gets his or her own unique URL so they can help promote as well and get more votes for themselves.

Wishpond also gives you advanced voting options such as requiring email address or Facebook login to vote.

You can also limit the number of votes per time period and enable CAPTCHA to verify voters.

#8 Leadership contest – with them you can easily increase your social reach and get more followers.

With these features you can turn any contest into a social engagement opportunity.

You can give bonus points to entrants who complete specific actions.

Such as following you on Instagram or sharing your content on Twitter.

Wishpond allows you to assign different bonus points for each specific action.

You can also create a leadership board that shows which entrants have the most bonus points so others know what they need to do to beat them.

#9 Photo caption contest – Wish Wishpond you can create photo caption contests to engage your followers and grow your email list.

People enter the contest with the idea that they need to caption a photo and in exchange they get the chance to win a grant prize.

All the photo caption entries are added to the gallery on the page and people can vote for them. And for each you will see the number of votes 

#10 Video contestWishpond allows you to create video contests that you can use to engage your followers on social media.

In order to get in the contest, people need to create and upload a video on YouTube. And then they need to submit their link through the form on the page.

In exchange, you can give them a chance to win a big prize.

Lead managementWishpond allows you to easily track, segment your leads so you can do a better job at converting them.

By using Wishpond, it will be so much easier to perform tasks like lead scoring which will allow you to better prioritize your opportunities. And as a result, you will know where to allow your marketing efforts.

The lead management dashboard allows you to track your leads in real-time so you can better analyze your lead generation efforts.

The marketing software allows you to see all the pages they’re visiting. As well as all the campaigns they’re converting on.

This gives you insights on what types of offers and messaging works best and you can use this data to improve your marketing and sales.

The lead management features also allow you to do lead scoring and segment your leads based on specific properties or actions.

For example: based on specific campaign conversions or locations.

Wishpond also gives you the option to do manual lead scoring and segment your leads by adding them to a certain list.

This have helped me a lot when trying to organize my opportunities.

Afterwards, you can send personalized marketing automation campaigns to each list so you can better convert your list and send them the content they’re interested in.

So after I made the review of the lead management features I would give it an overall rating of 3/4. Feel free to try it out by signing up for a free trial.

Marketing automation – Wishpond allows you to create marketing automation campaigns in order to nurture and convert your leads as well as to retain your customers.

So once a lead has been added to a list that will automatically trigger a marketing automation campaign.

With Wishpond‘s marketing automation features you can send personalized email marketing campaigns based on activity or demographics.

This have helped me a lot when it comes to improving the conversion rates of my campaigns.

As a customer this marketing software allows you to send different email automation based on if people opened your emails or not.

And the email automation allows you to follow-up in a different way depending on how they responded to your campaign so far.

You can also customize the emails based on the activity of your leads so you can maximize your conversions.

Wishpond also allows you to forward your hot leads to your sales team so it’s much easier for closers to follow up and convert them into customers.

This gives you the opportunity to contact your leads at the right time when they’re ready to buy.

Email marketing – Besides the marketing automation, Wishpond also allows you to send standard email newsletter to your leads.

It’s much easier to use this option if you just want to send an email to your list without setting up automation.

There are over a dozen mobile-responsive email templates that you can use to get started that allow you to send an email blast.

Wishpond allows you to send your email marketing campaign to leads that meet specific conditions that you choose.

These are things like:

  • Lists – specific lists that these leads belong to
  • Page views – specific pages that these leads have visited
  • Emails – specific emails people have been sent, opened, clicked, bounced, etc.
  • Lead Properties – such as lead scores, gender, city, name, etc.
  • Campaigns – have interacted in a specific way with a campaign

You can also use the drag-and-drop editor to easily customize the content of your emails without the need to use any HTML.

Wishpond also allows you to improve your email marketing campaigns with A/B testing.

You can easily split test subject lines and email copy to find out what gives you better results.

Referral suite – with its help you can allow and motivate your audience to promote your content so you can generate more traffic, leads and sales.

The first thing is that you can incentivize your audience to share your contests on social media by rewarding them with bonus points.

For example: you can give bonus points when people share your content on Twitter or follow you on Instagram.

You can also give a unique referral link to your entrants to share your content anywhere they want.

Your entrants also have a leadership board where they can see how many points they got so far. 

As well as the current rank and list of people that they compete with. 

AgenciesWishpond has some special features for agencies allowing you to manage multiple client accounts from one place.

From the agency dashboard you have an overview of all of your clients’ number of leads, live and scheduled campaigns, etc.

And access all accounts and campaigns of your clients from a single location.

You can also easily create new accounts for your clients with a single click.

Wishpond also added some good features for collaboration allowing you to easily add new members to client accounts.

Last but not least, you can create clients reports straight from the software and send it to them.

In the reports, clients can see results for each campaign in real-time and track the growth of their leads. 


Wishpond has built-in integrations with dozens of other apps to make it easy for you to connect your marketing campaigns with other tools you use.

It has direct integration with CRM softwares, email marketing service providers, help desk applications, survey apps, webinar softwares, chat apps, phone & sms softwares, eCommerce platforms, greeting cards, live chat softwares, analytics tools, and more.

Here’s the full list of currently available integrations:

CRM Integrations – SalesForce, InfusionSoft, Insightly, Batchbook, Highrise, Pipedrive, Contactually, Base CRM, SalesforceIQ, OnePageCRM,, Clio

Email marketing software – Constant Contact, MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, Eventbrite, Bad Mimi, ActiveCampaign, Emma

Help Desk apps – UserVoice

Survey apps – SurveyMonkey

Webinar apps – ClickWebinar, GoToWebinar

Team chat apps – Slack

Phone & SMS apps – Twilio

eCommerce integrations – LemonStand

Greeting cards integration – Thankster

Live Chat integrations – Live Chat

Analytics & Connection integrations –,

Last but not least, Wishpond also integrates with Zappier which allows you to connect it with 500+ other apps.

Besides all of this, you can build your own customer integration with Wishpond‘s REST API.

Affiliate program

Wishpond has an amazing affiliate program that allows you to make money by promoting their software.

With this they offer you a 30 percent recurring commission for every customer you sign up through your unique affiliate links.

This is a great way to earn an additional income for everyone who’s using the platform.

No matter if you’re an online business owner, blogger, marketer, etc.

As long as you have an audience to whom you can promote Wishpond you can earn a side income.

And the good thing is that once you sign up someone for the platform, you get paid every month as long as he or she uses Wishpond.

As an affiliate, you also get access to special marketing assets on demand that you can use to promote the software (these are articles, webinars, graphics, etc.).

Once you sign up, you will get access to your affiliate dashboard where you will be able to track all referral activity – things like clicks, revenue and commission.

The marketing team will even help you with some personalized materials when that’s necessary.

Besides this, you will also get access to a dedicated affiliate manager who will help you come up with strategies to promote Wishpond to your audience.


Wishpond has put some effort into creating some amazing resources for their customers.

As well as offering the best support that they can by live chat, email and phone.

Now let’s take a deeper look at how they’re going to support you when you sign up for their software:

HelpdeskWishpond has an extremely well done knowledge base where you can find all the answers you’re looking for to your questions.

On top you have a search bar where you can search within the help center and find how-to articles and wikis.

You also have frequently read articles that you can check that will give you the foundation to get started.

If you don’t know what you look for, then you can also browse among all the different categories that organize the content.

When you go within a category, you will see that articles are marked based on their popularity.

And, of course, if you’re not finding what you’re looking for then you can always contact the customer support for thelp.

Live chat support Wishpond offers live chat support that’s available on weekdays within working hours.

It takes some time for agents to respond but once they do they will be ready to help you solve your problems.

This is where Wishpond stands out because most landing page software platforms don’t offer live chat support at all.

So they’re one step ahead when it comes to this compared to their competition. 

Email supportWishpond offers email support as well and you can usually expect a reply within a few hours from the team.

I’d personally prefer to use the live chat support but this works better if you have bigger issues that you want to explain in detail.

Phone supportWishpond offers phone support or so it seems. When you call their number you need to press 1 for support. 

Afterwards they simply ask you to leave a message and they promise to call you back. 

So you can’t really expect this to be faster than the live chat and the email support.

It’s just a different way to contact them but you will still need to wait for them to reach back.


Right now Wishpond has the following 3 main plans that you can choose from:

Starting out – this plan gives you all the basic features you need to get started with Wishpond.

With it you have unlimited landing pages, social contests, popups and user accounts.

Which is something very rare to be offered with the cheapest plan possible.

Usually most marketing softwares have a hard limit on the number of pages you can create.

With this plan you also have access to email drip campaigns, marketing automation.

The only limit of the Starting out plan is that number of leads – which is set to maximum of 1,000.

And you get all of this for $49/month which is cheaper compared to most alternatives.

Everything you need – this is the most popular plan of Wishpond and it adds some extra features that are not included in the previous one.

With this, you get everything included in the starting out plan and more.

Additionally you also get A/B testing functionality so you can split test and improve your marketing campaigns.

You also get the ability to add custom CSS & Javascript so you can customize your pages and add additional functionality.

In this plan, Wishpond give you API access that you can use to make custom integrations with other apps.

And you have a higher limit for the maximum number of leads – up to 2,500.

And all of this you get for $99/month which is paid yearly.  

Rapid growth – this is the most expensive plan that Wishpond offers and it gives you some extra stuff for the premium price.

With it you get everything included in the previous plan and more.

First, you get first-in-line customer support.

This means that when you have issues and you need help Wishpond will serve you first.

Besides this, you also get free implementation coaching that’s worth $1,500.

And you can generate up to 10,000 leads.

What’s also really good is that if you need more leads, you can select that from the scroll-down bar and Wishpond will show you how much it will cost you per month.

How to sign up for Wishpond 

One thing that kind of sucks with Wishpond is that you can’t sign up directly for the software.

You need to book a demo first and then a representative will get on a call with you and show you how Wishpond works.

And some people might prefer to sign up for a free trial and try to learn to use it themselves.

The other tricky thing with Wishpond is about their free trial.

They do offer a 14-day free trial but you can’t sign up for it directly.

You need to book a demo call first and talk with a representative so he can sign you up for their platform.

In conclusion

I have written this Wishpond review with the idea to give you a full-breakdown of what’s really possible to achieve with the software.

So far I have described all the features, the integrations, the support and the pricing.

And I can honestly say that Wishpond is probably the best platform that you can use to run social media contests and promos.

This is where the software really stands out from all the other landing page platforms that exist.

Because it has been really designed with the idea to help businesses run contests such as sweepstakes, photo contests, Instagram promotions and so on.

And the idea really is to grow your social media following, your email list and your audience.

As well as to get more people to share your content and to send you referral traffic.
If this is what you’re looking for, then you should definitely try Wishpond and see what you can achieve with it.

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