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todayDecember 7, 2020

Marketing Strategy Tarun Gehani

Want to Keep Your Customers Engaged on Your Website? Here’s How

One of the fundamental principles of running a successful business is to maintain customer satisfaction. Once you achieve that, it becomes easier to increase your profit streams as they find it easier to purchase from you. Customer satisfaction comes in many forms. Ideally, maintaining a high quality of product and [...]

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Funnel Scripts Review : Is It Really Worth It?

The Definitive Guide to Sales Funnel Stages Tarun Gehani todayMay 2, 2020 624

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The following article will evaluate Funnel Scripts in detail.

This software can write sales copy for digital marketers and entrepreneurs that can be used to build efficient marketing funnels.

It features a complimentary headline creator for your advertising content.

By reading this impartial review, you can discover whether Funnel Scripts will replace your existing copywriter.

However, firstly…

In all honesty, copywriting is difficult!

I can confirm that. I can recall the amount of time I took to compose a sequence of emails for the first time.

It took me over sixty days, attempting to devise something convincing, engaging and compelling, whilst simultaneously arousing curiosity.

Aside from being extremely challenging — I regard copywriting as tedious and mundane.

Creating sales copy demands plenty of practice, thought and expertise… In addition to experimentation, of course. 🙂

To write text that motivates people to buy something, you have to appeal to the reader’s emotions.

You connect with their sense of frustration, pleasure and worries.

In a thoughtful way.

Do you ever wonder why many digital marketers and entrepreneurs struggle to sell things?

Even if they have lots of visitors to their websites from all over the world…

The majority of the time, it is either the PRODUCT or…

They have poor sales copy!

Is this an inevitable occurrence?

Many digital marketers and entrepreneurs have overlooked copywriting to a large extent, then they blame their low sales on the platforms and traffic quality.

Let’s assume that you have properly optimized adverts, tracking set up, well designed sales funnels, and eye catching webpages…

And you are receiving huge numbers of visitors:

  • To your squeeze page
  • Signing up for webinars
  • Reading your emails
  • Viewing your sales page

Notwithstanding… things are not working out how you want them to. Zero conversions!

What about your sales copy?

Your advertising scripts and sales copy are the vehicles that relay your promotional messages. If these are not properly ordered, impactful and honed — you are unlikely to earn any profits from your marketing endeavors.

These small snippets of text are the secret to cashing in. Seriously!

If you use dry sales copy, your business takes a hit.

In this post, I will talk about some software that removes all your reasons for not creating effective copy, so you can encourage visitors to take out their credit cards: Funnel Scripts.

In addition, we will hear from people who have used this tool, to see whether it is worth buying.

Therefore, in this review of Funnel Scripts, we will cover the following topics about this software:

  • Funnel Scripts Overview
  • The Funnel Scripts Owner
  • The Benefits of Funnel Scripts
  • What’s Included With the Software
  • The Price of Funnel Scripts
  • Screenshots of Customer Feedback
  • FAQs
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Closing Summary

Funnel Scripts Review

The Funnel Scripts software can be used to create and write compelling advertising copies, such as promotional emails, sales letters, scripts for marketing videos, and adverts for your company. This type of software makes it easy to come up with engaging copy that motivates your readers to purchase your products.

Using Funnel Scripts and ClickFunnels, a total novice with zero copywriting expertise can create impactful copy that sells.

It allows seasoned copywriters to sharpen their skills further, to create effective copy for any kind of advertising campaign — whatever the sector.

Funnel Scripts is a tool that allows you to avoid stressing your brain for hours to write that flawless sales page, email script, advertising copy, subject line or webinar script, etc…

In effect, Funnel Scripts will probably:

Make you a lazy marketer, although it will differentiate your messages from your competitors

Persuade you to stop hiring copywriters

Enable you to reduce the time you spend on copywriting to about ten minutes, so you are free to do other tasks

Make other people regard you as a copywriting guru, even though you are not (chuckle)

However, there’s an important point I have to make before continuing:

There is no substitute for having your own advertising style, or mastering copywriting yourself. Because no individual software tool, company or person can solve every copywriting issue.

Funnel Scripts would be priced at more than $100k if it could do this.

Now I’ve said that, let’s take a look at the other key elements of this software tool.

The Funnel Scripts Owner

The inspiration for Funnel Scripts came from a desire to reduce the time marketers waste on writing ad copy. This often involved spending huge amounts of money sending visitors to ineffective ads, and paying copywriters for the privilege.

The software for Funnel Scripts was created by Russell Brunson (the ClickFunnels CEO) and Jim Edwards (an expert copywriter).

Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson realized that many funnel creators failed to produce good copy that appealed to the intended audience, so they would not be motivated to make a purchase…

…And good copywriters are costly for small businesses to afford, so Funnel Scripts could save the day.

The Benefits of Funnel Scripts

If you’re one of the few people who wonder why digital entrepreneurs and marketers might require Funnel Scripts, here are the reasons:

It saves cash, time and hassle

Producing sizzling copy is not a simple feat, as everyone knows. Irrespective of how talented you are at online promotion, you will still struggle to write compelling copy on a regular basis.

Creating content (writing ad copy) is usually a daunting prospect for people — in all honesty — I can testify to this, because publishing content on khrisdigital is hard work.

Realistically, it is not a simple matter to identify your audience’s pleasures and pains, then determine the right approach to connect with them.

This is what makes them BUY though.

You will have to spend a couple of hours writing good quality copy (and there is no guarantee that it will convert).

The Funnel Scripts software can produce good ad copy in under ten minutes. This is a huge time saver.

It allows you to avoid using a copywriter

Consider the amount you will have to pay to hire a good copywriter.

Particularly if you are a beginner. Any ideas?

Hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, or even more?


After researching this, I found that the minimum you would have to pay is $10 per hour. The KopywritingKourse says that copywriters typically earn about $18 to $21 per hour.

$10.14 per hour was the smallest hourly fee, and $60.63 per hour was the highest.

The KopywritingKourse owner, Neville Medhora, revealed to us that many of these hourly gigs are for novice copywriters and interns.

Was he joking?

To summarize, what are the implications of this? Hiring a seasoned copywriter to assist you with your ad copy is fairly costly.

You can save that cash if you use Funnel Scripts, because it will complete the arduous task for you. To some degree at least.

Lower overheads, lower stress levels and lower time commitment. Correct?

What’s Included With the Software

I won’t be covering how Funnel Scripts works, because this is explained via comprehensive video tutorials, once you register. The video series shows you everything you need to know, so you will be up and running in no time.

Prior to considering the different features of the software, take a look at this complimentary headline creator from Funnel Scripts, at:

It is extremely user friendly and generates excellent headlines!

Continuing on…

Script writer categories included with Funnel Scripts.

Each category features a number of script types:

Scripts for Videos and Sales Page Copy

The script types for this category are listed below:

Ecom/Amazon Scripts

These scripts are suitable for eCommerce vendors and Amazon marketers. Everything required to create compelling copy is included here.

You simply have to input some information about your customers and products, and Funnel Scripts will do the rest.

CTA (Call to Action) Scripts

Scripts like these are used to create bespoke Call To Actions for your texts, images and Buy Now buttons.

Scripts for Capturing Leads

If your lead capture copywriting sucks, this will help you to persuade people to provide their contact details, without a second thought.

Magical Bullet Scripts: Typically, these scripts are used for physical products with a high ticket value.

Scripts for Million Dollar Testimonials

This script is ideal, if you are searching for text to persuade customers to provide positive testimonials.

Scripts for Order Bumps

If you are familiar with Dotcom Secrets, you will know that including more free services or products in your funnel makes you wealthier. Scripts for order bumps give you the right words to include, when putting an Order Bump into your funnel.

This category contains many other formats for scripts — such as Done For You OTO offer scripts, original story scripts, opt in PPT video scripts, Next Thing OTO scripts, scripts for webinar opt ins, scripts for special offers, and How, Why, What, Who scripts.

Bullet Point Scripts

Scripts like these help marketers to increase the impact of bullet points used in their sales copy. These bullet points educate their target audience about their products.

The script types for this category are listed below:

  • Scripts for FBM (Features, Benefits and Meaning) Bullets
  • Scripts for Brunson Bullets


The marketing category scripts are there to help you produce enticing ad copy, with a high conversion rate.

The script types for this category are listed below:

Scripts for Intriguing Advertising Copy: These allow you to produce ad copy that will fascinate your target customers, and motivate them to check out your adverts.

  • Scripts for Stealth Closing
  • Scripts for Facebook Newsfeeds

Creating Content

The scripts for creating content are designed to help you promote your products. These are as follows:

  • Seinfeld Ideas for Email Subjects
  • Scripts for Free Reports


Funnel Scripts allows you to write promotional emails, and email follow ups that convert well. These scripts are as follows:

  • Scripts for Tweets and Teasers
  • Scripts for Automatic Email Follow ups
  • Scripts for Webinar Follow ups
  • Scripts for Webinar Promotions


Titles are a script category in Funnel Scripts that create email subject lines and headlines. These scripts include:

  • Outstanding Headlines, Version two
  • Subject Lines for Emails
  • Effective Scripts for Titles
  • Short Scripts for Headlines

Sales Letter Scripts

This is the final script type included with Funnel Scripts. It helps you to create sales copy of any variety.

  • Scripts for Short Form Sales Letters
  • Scripts for Long Form Sales Letters
  • Scripts for PPT Sales Videos

Funnel Scripts has a number of other helpful features as well, such as demonstration videos to get you started, regular updates, and script editing tools — so you can write scripts to precise specifications.

Downloadable Wizards — What you Need to Know

The scripts mentioned above can be produced online, in the funnel scripts members area — however, the scripts are available offline as downloadable wizards.

These wizards are downloadable applications that run on your PC, which is a more convenient format.

Currently, there are six of these wizards, as follows:

  • Easy Surveys
  • Perfect Webinars
  • Star Story Solutions
  • Easy Video Sales Letters
  • Facebook Live and Podcast
  • MasterClass Wizard

Every wizard has a unique role to play in your marketing funnels and sales pages.

The Price of Funnel Scripts

In the past, Funnel Scripts had an annual subscription fee of $497. However, recently this was changed to a one off fee of $797, which gives you LIFETIME access. You will receive all the blueprints, features, copywriting lessons, Jim Edwards monthly coaching, and sales scripts forever.

Therefore, this is an excellent offer for everyone, particularly people who can not afford the annual fee.

Of course, Funnel Scripts could seem rather costly if you are a novice marketer, or have a small budget. Nonetheless, in my opinion, the price is reasonable compared to paying for coaching.


What do I have to pay to access Funnel Scripts?

This software has a one off fee of $797. You also receive other bonus products with your purchase.

Does Funnel Scripts represent value for money?

I think Funnel Scripts overdelivers considerably! It saves you untold hours thinking up copywriting ideas, or spending VAST sums of cash on copywriters. Better still, there’s a thirty day refund guarantee, so you can always change your mind if you are not happy.

Which businesses do Funnel Scripts work for?

Virtually all businesses. Sales funnels are required by every online business, so the Funnel Scripts copywriting software can prove invaluable. If you have a service or product that solves a specific problem for people, Funnel Scripts can help – even in obscure industries. Whether you are a consultant, freelancer, agency, affiliate marketer, eCommerce entrepreneur, attorney, realtor, info product publisher or gym owner, you require captivating copy for your emails, landing pages, webinars, videos, sales letters and more.

Can I try Funnel Scripts out for free?

No free trial or version of Funnel scripts is offered, although a software preview is available. You can access this by clicking the link on this web page.

Does Funnel Scripts have any coupons or discount codes?

Currently, there are no coupons or discount codes available for Funnel Scripts. Notwithstanding, there is a thirty day refund guarantee offered with the software, so you can always get your money back if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

Is there a free version of Funnel Scripts I can use?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of using Funnel Scripts without paying. A great way to see how powerful the software is, is to try the free headline creator. This is an incredible tool in its’ own right.

Can I watch a webinar about Funnel Scripts?

Absolutely, the owners of Funnel Scripts have put together a webinar that covers everything you need to know. Essentially, this is an introduction to the software, and you will see all its’ features and how it works in practice. Also, the webinar mentions some exciting updates that were recently made.

Where can I purchase Funnel Scripts, once I am ready?

If you are not bothered about watching the webinar, you can go directly to the Funnel Scripts checkout page and purchase the software immediately. Follow this Funnel Scripts checkout link to visit the page.

In addition, you can access Funnel Scripts once you purchase Funnel Builder Secrets.

This review gives a comprehensive explanation of what Funnel Builder Secrets includes. Alternatively, you can get a quick overview of the product here to see its’ features and price.

Closing Thoughts About Funnel Scripts

All things considered, Funnel Scripts is a great piece of software for creating ads that convert, email copy, sales pages, video sales letters and webinar slides. As well as its’ high conversion rate, this copy will differentiate you from the competition.

Engaging copy allows you to form a good relationship with your prospects, and establish credibility and trust. This means that they are more likely to reach for their credit cards.

Effective copy penetrates into their minds and inner thoughts, triggering them to appreciate the benefits of the product you are promoting.

Perhaps you are someone who likes sponsoring copywriters, or who is not bothered about increasing sales. If so, Funnel Scripts is not meant for you. Certainly, this software will not suit everyone.

Up to now, I have not found any alternative to Funnel Scripts on the market that emulates what this software can do. Also, the customer helpdesk and frequent updates are an invaluable inclusion.

Funnel Scripts Review – The Advantages and Disadvantages


It is simple to write good ad copy, while injecting you own personality

A headline generator is provided free of charge

You don’t have to be a nerd. The software is user friendly

Any scripts that are not available from the software can be requested

Speeds up the copywriting process and makes it affordable

You can create several scripts from one input

There are loads of instructional videos offered, and coaching is available each month


The learning curve is rather steep in places

It might be costly for people who are starting out (however, because it is a one off payment, it does not involve any ongoing commitment)

Some users of Funnel Scripts could end up sounding similar to other marketers, if they use it to produce ad copy without incorporating many of their own ideas into it. However, the good thing is that; once you drill down on how you wish to use the software, it works really well and can make people sit up and take notice of your marketing

The Bonuses Included With Funnel Scripts

First Bonus: Unrestricted Chat/Email Support — I’ll help and guide you to make the most of this software (sometimes, it is a bit confusing).

Second Bonus: Automated Comment Funnels — This software is great for setting up automated Facebook advertising campaigns. You can obtain leads and earn profits passively.

Third Bonus: ClickFunnels Expert Training — My extensive membership training on the ClickFunnels sales funnel platform (more than forty video tutorials).

Fourth Bonus: ClickFunnels Shared Funnel Library and Private Label Rights — Thirty-one shared funnels that can be directly imported into your ClickFunnels account.

Fifth Bonus: Done For You Email Advertising swipes and Private Label Rights — Lifetime access to ready to use email copy, suitable for promoting any affiliate products.

Sixth Bonus: A Comprehensive List of Affiliate Programs That pay Recurring Commissions for Life and Private Label Rights — A list of more than 130 affiliate products that pay you recurring commissions over the long term.

Seventh Bonus: Lead Generation Software for Facebook groups

Eighth Bonus: Library of Million Dollar Advertising Swipes and Private Label Rights — Obtain the precise Facebook adverts that forty leading online marketers are using today.

Every single one of these bonuses will help you to achieve more with Funnel Scripts, and ensure that you get results faster.

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